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The Importance of Knowing Your Customer Including a Buyer Personas

Time has shifted, and so has the market. It's no wonder that the marketing and sales strategies that have worked until recently require an update now. Companies no longer supply the commodity of their hunch.

What is a Buyer Persona?

Made from the actual words of real consumers, the buyer persona tells you what prospective customers think and do when they consider their choices to solve the problem that your company solves. Much more than a one-dimensional profile of the people you need to impact, or a diagram of their path, actionable buyers reveal insights into the decisions of your buyers — specific perceptions, concerns, and criteria that motivate prospective customers to select you, your rival, or the status quo.

The buyer persona is not just a definition of your buyer. Buyer personas are basically fictitious depictions of what the ideal consumer might look like. By knowing who your customers are, you can then build personalized plans for when and where you should communicate with them.

A significant starting point and focal point of any successful company lies in their ability to sell their product/service to the people who are most interested.This also depends heavily on understanding who you should not be targeting. That can be referred to as Derogatory Personas and can usually be seen as someone you don't want to work with, which means that you can save time by attracting the customers you want. Developing an individual for your customers is a critical feature that you should not miss.

Why is the development of Buyer Personas essential to your marketing?

First of all, understanding exactly who your target customer is and what drives their interest in a specific product, help you determine the course of your marketing actions. You must have a comprehensive understanding of the target audience and what will kick-start the entire planning process and be sure it's the same with every other marketing campaign.

Buyer Persona Creation is the first step towards making your marketing more important. You know exactly who you are working with and thus you are able to change the various aspects of the promotion. Let me show you how the examples work.

Channels of Promotion

With the Buyer Persona profiles planned, marketing managers know which channel to use to actually hit the target. Let 's assume that your ideal consumer is a classic example of a millennial. You do the homework, knowing they love to scroll down the Instagram feed. Then, those who want to spend hours on Facebook but don't really enjoy receiving promo emails and have zero press contact. The conclusion is clear, your Buyer Persona just told you to run your social media campaigns instead of wasting money on newsletters, and so on.

The Interaction Style

Let's stick with the example of the Millennials. A well-prepared Buyer Persona, later on, will help you plan for an appropriate contact. You know where to continue your campaign now, it's time to make it appealing. With the concrete profile of your target, you will be able to define which language, design, promo tricks your Millennial customer will use. They prefer friendly and direct contact instead of written pitches about the product.

Values to be displayed

Speaking of contact, it will also be simpler with Buyer Persona to decide the principles that you should emphasize when targeting your actions. An exceptional Millennial consumer cares about environmental issues, such as whether a brand is sincere and needs it to be open to diversity-you know that because it is in the profile that it has been created. Then, you convey that kind of approach to messages directed to your target. You can be sure you're going to win their hearts.

Now, the Buyer/Marketing Persona provides essential details about the habits and actions of your target. You can tell how they respond to certain acts and what their reaction to promotional tricks is. This way, you can set stuff like the frequency of displaying advertisements, a general contact overtone, or even promotional tools. Staying with the Millennials as an example - they like authenticity you can decide to do business marketing instead of promoting the brand in a more conventional way.


Building a Buyer Persona is one of the most useful approaches when it comes to many market aspects. It helps in the preparation of activities, increasing the amount of sales, and planning the right promotion. Buyer Persona not only helps you to tailor your activities to the real needs and characteristics of the target market of your organization but also to make it more effective.

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